What are your materials?
Each piece is made of handwoven paper.   All metals are either sterling silver or stainless steel. 

Are the colors painted on?
No, the colors come from the repurposed paper.

What kind of paper do you use?
Any kind of paper!
So far I have used magazine pages, book pages, shopping bags, comic books, catalogs, post cards, photos, wedding invitations, currencies, maps, movie poster, gift wrapping paper, Japanese paper, newspaper, paint chips, subway maps, yellow pages, brochures, music books, love notes. And I'm always looking for new ideas, so if you like to suggest something new don't hesitate, contact me .

Do you do custom work?
Yes! I would love to work with you on a custom project.   Please email me  to get started.  

Where can I buy your work in person?
Please check the  events page for upcoming shows. 

Can I wear the jewelry in the rain?
Yes! As matter of fact each piece, once finished, is  sealed with acrylic medium, which makes it water resistant.

How do I care for my jewelry?
Each piece is coated with acrylic medium, which protects the paper from moisture and everyday use. In case of soggy wet piece, leave it to dry for few days on a flat surface.
To spot clean use a wet cloth.

Do you do repairs?
Most pieces can be repaired, please contact us for more information.  A small fee may be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

I am interested in opening a wholesale account, what should I do?
Please email me .  

Have any more questions?  Get in touch on our Contact page.